Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas Night Top Deck View 1 - The World's Largest Cruise Ship Has Robotic Bartenders

The World’s Largest Cruise Ship Has Robotic Bartenders

So the “Symphony of the Seas in 2018 broke the record by dethroning former record holder, The Caribbean “Harmony of the Seas” and becoming the world’s largest cruise ship.🚢

During an interview session with Business Insider the CEO of the ship Michael Bayley said;

” When we set out to design ships originally in the concept phase, we don’t get caught up in size. We really get caught up in concept and what we’re trying to deliver.”

The “Symphony of the Seas” which is 215 feet wide and 1,188 feet long comes with some very insane features. The massive ship which took 3 years to build is capable of holding up to 6,680 passengers, and it also comes with 2,759 rooms for the passengers to choose from.

That not all, in the ship you’ll also find not 1 not 2 not 3 but 24 pools together with waterslides and even surf simulators. For those looking to relax their bones there are Hot tubs available.(oh


Now get ready to be wowed. In the bar or rather the “robobar” it not humans who serve you drinks but robots, yes that right, robots, there are robotic bartenders at the bar.

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The symphony of the sea also has a 43-foot-tall rock climbing wall 😮an ice-skating rink😱 and even a candy store. The massive record holder won’t be complete without a theater, well it also has multiple huge theatres scattered all over the ship.

The Symphony of the Seas is truly one ship you’re gonna want to spend your holiday on.

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