download 5 - The White House is one of the most Secured buildings on earth
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The White House is one of the most Secured buildings on earth

It no surprise why the white house is termed one of the most Protected building in the world, because That where the president of the world power country, United States Of America, president resides.

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Security in the White House has always been a big deal with state-of-the-art security systems and secret service personnels scattered all over the compound, the White House is truly the last place on earth you wanna step foot into.

We are gonna be talking about some of the interesting security measures used to protect the people’s house and it occupants.

Let start off with the reinforced iron fence that used to surround the compound. The fence which covers an entire block is used to keep traffic further away from the property.

If you’ve noticed, there are also Homeland security personnels always patrolling the white house compound ready to take out anyone who they see as a threat.

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Well this one might surprise you but every food or anything consumable that brought into the white house is usually taken to an offsite facility to be scanned and screened before being consumed. (Can you believe that)


The White House airspace is also restricted from any outside aircraft, that why they have a radar on the top level of the building monitoring it airspace 24/7 for any unauthorized flights. Anything seen flying above the property that not from the White house is gonna be brought down by any means.

The White House Windows are all fitted with strong ballistic glasses that is near impossible to penetrate. Anyone coming into the building is usually put under a background check before being allowed inside.

Immediately you cross the iron fence of the white house, your heat signature is gonna be monitored from an undisclosed location where your every move is been monitored and stuff.

The people’s house is also said to have a filtration system that cleans the air coming into the white house and prevent it from contamination.

With all this said i don’t think I’m gonna wanna step foot in the presidential building any moment from now.😃

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