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The success story of YouTube’s CEO, Susan wojcicki

If you’re a developer or a blogger and you don’t know who Susan Wojcicki is, then there must be a problem somewhere.

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This is because Susan is one of those who created the Adsense we all make money from, She was so good at advertising that she had to be given the post of president of Advertising and analytics products. This products include DoubleClick, AdWords and Google Analytics.

Susan joined the Google family in the year 1999, and at that time she was their first Marketing manager. She was truly good at what she does and by the year 2006, she lead the move to acquire the video-site YouTube.

Due to her zeal and sense of entrepreneurialism she was promoted from being the manager for advertising to the CEO of YouTube. Right now YouTube is valued at a whooping $20 billion.😲🙆👑

This landed Google on the Glassdoor”s list of 50 best places to work in 2014 and also Fortune Magazine’s list of 100 best companies to work for.


Susan Wojcicki was also the first female employee to go on a maternity leave. According to Susan she said that “At YouTube, it’s been an opportunity for me to be able to help other women. I see the potential that women have. And i enjoy being a mentor, figuring the best way for them to balance work with family.”

Susan said that Most of YouTube’s view as we all know, comes from mobile devices so they’re gonna be focusing on mobile.

She also said that if the right startup should come their way, they wouldn’t hesitate to go for an acquisition.

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