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The story of Sam Altman, president of Y combinator

So growing up in Chicago Illinois, sam got his first computer when he was just 8-years old. He was studying computer science at the Stanford University before quitting at the age of 20 years.

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Sam was a blogger, programmer, entrepreneur and an angel investor. He went on to co-found Loopt, a social network app that makes use of your location.


He went on from being co-founder to later becoming the CEO of the company. In 2012 loopt was acquired for $43.4 million by Green Dot Corporation.

Then 2014 was the year for him, after being a member of the Y combinator for quite a while, Sam was elected as President of Y combinator.

Since elected, Sam has been on a mission to expand the Y combinator’s reach, like in 2015 he announced the launch of the Y continuity, a $700 million developmental-level equity fund which invests in YC start-up companies.

Sam has a hand when talking about companies success, companies like Airbnb,Reddit,Stripe,Pinterest instacart and many more.

Sam is heading quite a number of companies at the moment, he is Co-Chairman of openAI, chairman of the Board for Oklo and Helion. (a nuclear energy company)

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