flappy bird - The story of "Flappy Bird", The lame game that was making millions while driving people crazy
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The story of “Flappy Bird”, The lame game that was making millions while driving people crazy

So I’m guessing we all must have in one way or the other heard that name “Flappy Bird”, the game that was banned cause it was driving people insane, when i say insane here, i mean the game was literally driving people insane.

flappy bird1404406694 - The story of "Flappy Bird", The lame game that was making millions while driving people crazy

Flappy Bird was just your simple 2D game that had this sort of Nintendo graphics and just a few weeks after it launched, Flappy Bird was in all over our faces.

The whole thing started back in may 24 of 2013 when Nguyen, the creator of the game launched the Bird game on the app store.

Flappy Bird didn’t get so popular then, it was just another game toiling in the app store for about six weeks until it hit the “Family” category on the app store.

At that point it meant that Flappy Bird was the 1469 most popular family game in the app store. And that was when the game began gaining some strength.

Then fast forward to 14th November 2013, Flappy Bird managed to make it way into the U.S. charts, ranking at 1368. Days went by, the game got some more reviews, which included both hate and love reviews.

Fast forward again to 3rd of December 2013, that was when Flappy Bird was officially welcomed into the App store charts ranking at 1308 in the U.S. and 74 in the Family category.

By 13th of December, Flappy Bird hit the top 250 in the U.S. and 14 in the family section. Then Twitter users began tweeting, asking for an Android version of the game.

Days continue to pass by and Flappy Bird continued to rise. Then on jan 10, the game hit the top 10 app in the U.S. No.8 to be more specific.

On 13th of January Flappy Bird became the number 1 game in the app store and was still growing like it was nobody’s business. After Nguyen saw the success of the game, he released an Android version on January 22.


flappy bird clones top free apps iphone app store 23688829 - The story of "Flappy Bird", The lame game that was making millions while driving people crazy

And get this, just a week after it was uploaded to Google’s playstore it was the number 1 most downloaded game on Google’s playstore.

Due to it sudden rise in popularity and chart topping, media, developers and YouTubers began analyzing the game.

It was also at that point that Flappy Bird began making headlines on social media with over 600,000 tweets with the phrase “Flappy Bird” in it.

Flappy Bird was so hot that even Apple tweeted about it, commending it on it success.

flappy bird game over 513201467 - The story of "Flappy Bird", The lame game that was making millions while driving people crazy

That was when the questions began flooding in, with people asking Nguyen how he did it, taking a game that was nothing to something. At that point Nguyen was making an ass whooping $500,000 a day from Flappy Bird. (Did you get that… $500,000 a day)

Nguyen saud he began receiving hate tweets with some people even threatening his life. Nguyen then seemed like a devil on Twitter with people using all sort of harsh and curse words on him.

It then grew beyond Twitter with threat coming in from all over social media asking him to take down flappy bird or face whatever comes his way.

Then on February 8, Nguyen made the big announcement saying that Flappy Bird was going down. At first people thought it was just a publicity stunt

It wasn’t too long after the announcement, Flappy Bird was taken down for good from all game stores. Even though Flappy Bird has gotten over 50 million downloads, Nguyen said his life was more important to him than the game.

Ever since, lots of clones and wannabes have flooded the App store and Playstore with games similar to it. Some users were even reported to be selling phones with game preinstalled in it for insane amounts.

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