Ford F 150 Lightning Gallery13 - The Ford F-150 Lightening Can Power A Full Home

The Ford F-150 Lightening Can Power A Full Home

I know when we’re talking about Ford trucks, usually you’ll expect to hear words like horsepower, torque, speed, acceleration and others, but that not the case this time. This time Ford decided to think outside the box as the F-150 lightening truck (Electric) is capable of powering your own in case of outages.

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Ford F-150 Lightening Truck

If you’ve been following the news you’ll know that there was a massive power outage in February caused by insane Winter storms. This outage left over 4.5 million homes and businesses without power for days, even resulting to the death of about 150 people. Now that where the F-150 Lightening comes in, the truck is capable of powering a full home for three days with it 9.6kW supply when fully charged.

According to Ryan O’Gorman, Ford’s energy service lead, in a briefing video before the release said that “If your F-150 Lightning is plugged in when your outage occurs, intelligent backup power will automatically kick in to power your home. When power is restored, the truck automatically reverts to charging its battery.”


Now if you’re an outside or camping kinda person, then you’ll also love the F-150 Lightening truck because it has an extra 9.6kW Pro Power Onboard battery source which can power anything from a dirt bike, TV’s, loudspeakers and even jackhammers. The F-150 features 11 in bed outlets.

It also comes with an intelligent system, meaning a driver don’t have to bother about where the nearest charging station is at. The smart system sets it, allowing the truck take care of switching off pro power Onboard if the battery level approaches the distance it takes to get to the nearest charge.
According to O’Gorman “F-150 Lightning is reinventing the idea of vehicle power.”

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