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The Beast: The Most Secured Limo On The Planet Worth $1.5 Million

Beast: A mini tank for the president

If you are someone who really observes, you might have noticed that whenever the president of the United States is on the move, there are always two identical black limousines around. The president is usually in one of these limos, but nobody knows which.

thebeastcadillacone 342529126 - The Beast: The Most Secured Limo On The Planet Worth $1.5 Million

Well to the average person, the black limousines would look like your normal car you see everyday. Many people have different names for the black beauty, some call it “The first car,” “Limousine one,” and even “Cadillac one.” (because that the company that makes the limo before it been customized)

Well the official nickname for the president’s limo is “The Beast” because the car acts like one. Although no one knows for sure what features are contained in this beast, but with a little digging around in the internet, we have been able to come up with some of the very insane features of the presidential limo.

The Beast is custom-built to the specifications of the United States Secret Service and with the fact that it the car used to transport the president, it comes with top-notch security.

So let start off with the crazy tyres which are heavy duty tyres used also by heavy-duty trucks. Even when punctured, the tyres keep moving because it made out of Kevlar and has steel rims underneath.

If you ever (this ever might never happen though) wanna enter the Beast, you’re gonna notice that the limo does not have any key hole. As a matter of fact only the secret service knows how to open the door.😮

The windows on the door are all 5-inch thick and also, only the driver’s window can be opened. And it can only be open to about three inches though. There is also an oxygen system in the car which could serve when there is ever an chemical attack.


Now talking about the exterior of the car, the Beast is made of military grade armor with steel plating running underneath to protect the limo in case of IEDs.

The fuel tank also is made of steel plating and is usually filled with some sort of foam to prevent it from going Boom! when hit. Before any president can be allowed to ride in the Beast, their blood samples must be taken so they can store blood of their type in th limo, just in case of an emergency.

Another feature I love about the Beast is the fact that it can play offensive and defensive at the same time. When engaged for battle, the beast can shoot out rocket propelled grenades. It also has pump-action guns, tear gas cannon and smoke grenades.

But you know what they say, “with great power comes great responsibilities.” The Beast due to it heavy-duty materials, can only do a maximum speed of 60MPH.

Whenever the president is on the move there are always two Beasts with him, the “stagecoach” which carries the president and the “Spare” which is just a decoy.

Whenever the president wanna travel to maybe another country, the beast is usually transported to that country using military aircrafts.

So next time you see the president of the United States on TV or anywhere at all, make sure to look closely at the beast because wherever the president goes, the beast goes.

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