images 4 - The AirUnleashed is finally here and it came bigger and better
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The AirUnleashed is finally here and it came bigger and better

So i guess it was very un-apple-like for Apple after displaying and talking about a product that likely to be out soon and suddenly they just went quite.

Yes that right I’m talking non other than the Airpower wireless charger which wad announced by apple and was said to be released soon, but unfortunately they suddenly just went silent leaving everyone perplexed.

Well as time went by, wounds healed and alternatives came out.

Yes I’m talking about the AirUnleashed, even though the name does give me the creeps, the AirUnleashed came out with features greater than expected.

images 3 1547032714. - The AirUnleashed is finally here and it came bigger and better

The AirUnleashed is a multiple device wireless charging pad that very simple but yet very powerful. It sleek, portable, domestically polished and capable of charging up to three devices at a time. (Who still needs that Airpower now ha… )


It also comes with a Qualcomm 3.0 quick-charge power-brick and is perfect if you’re looking to have it by your bedside.

So i know we all wanna know the price right? Well don’t get your hopes up because the AirUnleashed ain’t as cheap as you think.

The charger comes at a price tag of $99.9, which might be considered a little bit pricey by a few people, but if you ask,I’ll say it sort of worth it.

Oh and also it not on any online market whatsoever, you can only place orders for these bad boys on their official website.

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