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Tesla Slashes The Price Of It Model 3 In China

Yes that right, just recently we talked about Tesla’s new factory in China and now to top it all they are slashing the price of their Model 3 by about 9%.

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Tesla model 3 is a lot cheaper in china

The Electric Vehicle which costs around $50,000 formerly can now be gotten at $44,000. The slash was as a result of the fact that most of the cars components were gotten locally which means we should still be expecting further slashing of the price.

Tesla’s brand new Chinese mega production plant has also began producing about 1,000 Model 3 cars

a day which is quite below what CEO Elon Musk anticipated. (3,000 cars a day)

The very first 15 Model 3 vehicles which were produced by the factory were delivered to employees on December 30th and delivery to the public is said to begin by January 7.

The Chinese plant is Tesla’s second production plant with that of California being the first. As at the moment Telsa does not ship any Chinese-made car to the US due to reasons everyone should know by now.

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