Tesla increases the price of it superchargers.

Electric car company tesla last week anounced it was raising the price for it superchargers world wide, the company has been under some serious bankrupcy issues lately following the dropping of about 3,000 full-time workers, ended its customer referral program, and stopped taking orders for Model S and Model X vehicles equipped with the 75 kWh battery.

a tesla supercharger in switzerland shutterstock1856528771 - Tesla increases the price of it superchargers.

As an example, prices per kilowatt-hour in Florida have gone from 22 cents to 31 cents. Yes, that is a 57% increase. No, it is not a calamity or enough to make Tesla owners stay home, because perspective matters. It is still much cheaper to recharge your Tesla than fill up a gasmobile. An 80% charge in Manhattan for a Tesla with an 85kWh battery would cost approximately $21. How much does it cost to go approximately the same distance in an average hatchback in the US (27 mpg)? That would be $20.50, according to CleanTechnica calculations.


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But remember, most charging is done at home, and many cities have $0 charging stations scattered around at popular destinations.

From the dropping of 3000 workers to the increase in price of it superchargers, it pretty obvious tesla is under some serious financial pressure and would do anything to establish balance again.

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