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Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership yet here’s why it doesn’t have mass shootings.

So remember back in 2001 in switzerland when a gunman entered a local parliament in Zug, killing 14 people and then himself?. Well since then There have not been any such incident again even though the country has about 2 million privately owned guns in a nation of 8.3 million people. And in 2016 the country recorded a near zero overall murder rate.

5a7b2383cdab5f1e008b4b55 750 5471096683834 - Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership yet here's why it doesn't have mass shootings.The National Rifle Association often points to Switzerland to argue that more rules on gun ownership aren’t necessary. In 2016, the NRA said on its blog that the European country(switzerland) had one of the lowest murder rates in the world while still having millions of privately owned guns and a few hunting weapons that don’t even require a permit.

The country is known to be obsessed with ‘getting the shot right”, so obsessed that they even hold an annual shooting contest for kids aged 13 to 17( did just hear that, 13 and 17 year olds shooting💥😨).

Zurich’s Knabenschiessen is a traditional annual festival that dates back to the 1600s, Though the word roughly translates to “boys shooting” and the competition used to be only boys, teenage girls have been allowed in since 1991. And the kids are usually really excited to attend the event where they would be competing in target shooting using Swiss army service rifles. They’re proud to show off how well they can shoot.

As a matter of fact some swiss even see gun ownership as a patriotic duty, unlike US the country has a mandatory military service for all men. As a matter of fact again, all men between the ages of 18 and 34 who looks “fit for service” are given a pistol or a rifle and trained. After they’ve finished their service, the men can typically

buy and keep their service weapons, but they have to get a permit for them.

Switzerland is infact fortified and can on command blow up it boarders and 3,000 demolition points on bridges, roads, rails, and tunnels around the landlocked European country. In 2007, the Small Arms Survey found that Switzerland had the third-highest ratio of civilian firearms per 100 residents (that 46 out of 100, outdone by only the US (89) and Yemen (55). But it seems that figure has declined over the past decade. It’s now estimated that there’s about one civilian gun for every four Swiss people.

images406625657 - Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership yet here's why it doesn't have mass shootings.

The cantonal police don’t mess around with their duty dolling out gun licenses lightly. They might consult a psychiatristor talk with authorities in other cantons where a prospective gun buyer has lived before to vet the person. Even some US lawmakers are tryng to implement the strategy.

The country was ranked fourth in the UN’s 2017 World Happiness Report. Martin Killias, a professor of criminology at Zurich University, told the BBC in 2013 that “We have guns at home, but they are kept for peaceful purposes, There is no point taking the gun out of your home in Switzerland because it is illegal to carry a gun in the street.” Hunters and sports shooters are allowed to transport their guns only from their home to the firing range they can’t just stop off for coffee with their rifle.

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