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Success story of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer born on 30th of may 1975 studied at the Stanford University where she earned herself a bachelor of science Degree in Symbolic systems and also went for masters in computer science.

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Marissa was a very brillant girl in her days, she was even chosen to attend the National Youth Science Camp (NYSC). Due to the fact that she was a very brilliant girl and she attended a very prestigious university, she got lots of job offers.

But to our greatest surprise we heard that she declined the entire offer to go work for Google which then was still just a startup. Marissa Mayer was one of those people who brought Google up from just a start-up it was.

As a matter of fact, Marissa was just the 20th employee at Google.


During her time at Google she held some very high posts like product manager and Executive. But the main part of her career started when she joined Yahoo as their CEO.

Yahoo was at it worse when she joined them but with her past knowledge she transformed the company to put it back on top.

Yahoo shares skyrocketed in 2013 reaching a record high of $40 per share. The company under her supervision had the highest percentage of profit amongst other Fortune 500 companies.

Marissa Mayer has been named among the Time’s 100 and also, she has been listed among America’s 50 most powerful women.

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