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Success Story of Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg

You can not talk about women Trailblazing in Tech without mentioning the name Sheryl Sandberg.

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According to a research carried out, it shows that of all the executives in silicon valley, women make up just 11%.

Sheryl Sandberg was born in the capital state, Washington DC and by the time she was 2-years old, she and her family relocated to Miami Beach Florida.

Sheryl Sandberg was an all around genius, she Aced at school, North Miami Beach Senior High School, where she graduated with a 4.6 GPA.

She then moved to Harvard where she completed her undergraduate studies, without internet or even a cell phone. (Did you get that : “college without internet or cellphone”)😰

Afterwards, she went on to work for the World Bank as her first official job where she worked as a research assistant for Larry Summers.

After her work, she returned to Harvard to get herself an MBA, and after achieving that, she then then went back and joined Mr Summers at the U.S. Treasury Department where he was appointed.


In 2001 she headed for California to occupy the post of vice president of global online sales & operations at Google. Sheryl Sandberg stayed at Google for 7-years building her worth and reputation at the search engine giants before finally landing herself the post of COO at Facebook.

It now Sheryl Sandberg success story really began, in 2012 she was opportuned to be the first ever female executive of Facebook board of directors.(nice)

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As a compensation for her loyalty and service, she was given an equity stake in Facebook which made her the billionaire she is after the company’s 2012 IPO.

As of 2018 Sheryl Sandberg was ranked 4th on forbes Power Women, and also she was ranked 14th on the forbes America’s Self-made Women billionaires.

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