futurevision.0 1 - Here is a glimpse inside Microsoft's Vision

Here is a glimpse inside Microsoft’s Vision

So inside the Microsoft vision is where you’ll find all the prototypes of the future that Microsoft has been working on. The 7,000-square-foot lab is located at it Redmond campus in Washington.

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Stepping jnside the lab feels like stepping into the future, with devices that recognizes participants, giant screens and even touch-screen desks.

Literally everything in the lab is either touch-screen, voice activated or AR. According to Anton Andrews, the man incharge of the envisioning team “The world that we work in is undergoing really dramatic changes at a really rapid pace.”

The team at envision are doing everything possible to improve the way we work on documents, meetings and everything in between.


One technology that really caught my eye is the surface Hub wall, which is a technology that combines both projection and surface point technology.

microsoft envisions this as the home of the future1219847061 - Here is a glimpse inside Microsoft's Vision

With the Surface Hub wall technology, you can transform any wall into a smart surface that gonna support stylus, voice control and even touch. And also, non of this tech made use of your traditional mouse or keyboard.

Microsoft is also said to make some of “Windows” open-source to allow developers improve the platform.

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