snapchat memories message hoax fake news - Snapchat launches Scan, its AR utility platform.
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Snapchat launches Scan, its AR utility platform.

So Snapchat is introducing a very new feature that most students are gonna love.

snapchat multi snap 255008079 - Snapchat launches Scan, its AR utility platform.

The new feature called snap, gives you the ability to just take a pic of your homework and let the phone solve the math for you.

The new feature is said to be rolled out really soon to all Snapchat users and also they say for all developers interested in the platform should contact them by clicking here.

As we all know, Snapchat’s camera have come to play a very important role in the apps advancement because with the camera you could do lots of things like for example, you could use snapchat’s camera to identify songs using shazam, and you could also I.D objects so you could buy them on Amazon.😮🙆

Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel said in a report that “Our camera lets the natural light from our world penetrate the darkness of the internet . . . as we use the internet more and more in our daily lives, we need a way to make it a bit more human,”


They also said that they would be launching an ad network, power Stories in other apps and launch a real-time multiplayer games platform.

They also said that there main focus is not growth right now but rather users engagement, and thereby the ad revenue users generate, is Snap’s path forward.

snapchat memories message hoax fake news713833130 - Snapchat launches Scan, its AR utility platform.

They said that the more people interact with their AR filters and other dev tools, the more brands and devs are willing to pay to promote their lenses.

Snapchat right now is looking to boost it revenue with users engagement and it AR feature and put less attention on growth.

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