snapchat - Snap is planning to turn Snapchat into a gaming platform
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Snap is planning to turn Snapchat into a gaming platform

So snap for the past two years have been planning for this.

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they started off by first acquiring the creators of an HTML5 game engine, PlayCanvas, they then headed to Australia where they acquired Prettygreat, the company behind the hit game fruit Ninja and jetpack joyride.

The outcome of all this acquisition was the amazing Bitmoji party, which is basically a collection of smaller or rather mini-games.

According to snap’s director of product and the lead on the game initiative, Will Wu, making the game a multiplayer game was the best thing to do as it would need everyone to download the same app and create an account before they could play. (Killing two birds with one stone)
Wu said that “I really wanted us to make a game that almost served as a North Star for the type of experience that we were aiming for with Snap Games, for both future developers and user base.”


So let do the math, Bitmoji party becomes a hit game means people spend more time on the app which also means more people see more ads and which also means snap makes more money.cheching😉💵💰

So next time you’re on snap make sure you keep an eye out for the Bitmoji party and join the party. Don’t forget to let us know your opinion on this down in the comment section.

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