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Securing Your iPhone From the Latest Cyberthreats

The world, as we know it to be today can be described in a number of ways depending on the domain of discourse at the moment. One of these, especially when related to cybersecurity and computing would be, “unsafe”. Knowingly or not, every Internet user today would have been a victim of a cyberattack attempt at least once. This might have been affected on their mobile phones, laptops, or home computer.

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The growing concern in the rise in cyberattacks around the world has led stakeholders in the IT industry to place a lot of priority on device security – both the hardware and software and software aspects. Notably, these efforts have been seen in some mobile devices and a very good example is the iPhone. Its manufacturing company, Apple Inc., prides itself in the stellar security features which it instills in all its devices.

3 Major Internet Threats iPhone Users Are Exposed to

Regardless of the amazing features, Apple devices are said to have, iPhones are still susceptible to threats on the Internet. A few of them are discussed below:

  1. Malware: Malicious software is getting sophisticated by the day and cybercriminals are also getting rather creative with the way this software is being distributed. They use phishing attacks to distribute malicious software via files, programs, and websites that iPhone users visit. This malicious software works to scramble, steal or damage user information and at times, the device itself.

2. Ransomware: This is a popular form of malicious program that gets into a victim’s computer, encrypts the files, and then requests for a sort of ransom to be paid before access to these data can be restored. More often than not, this ransom is usually requested in cryptocurrencies so that the perpetrators cannot be traced through their financial records.

3. Man-in-the-middle attacks: This form of attack is not peculiar to any kind of user but it is still a risk iPhone users face. This attack is usually conducted on unsecured networks, especially public Wi-Fi. These malicious actors create a Wi-Fi endpoint with a name similar to that of a public location and wait for unsuspecting users to connect. Once they have a victim, they begin siphoning the user’s data as it is being sent across the network to the Internet.


Keeping Your iPhone safe from these Lingering Risks

These top 3 Internet risks are not without ways by which they can be countered or prevented. These are as discussed below:

1. Use Anti-Virus Software: Due to the prevalence of viruses and malware, there are several anti-virus software available for download on the Internet. They all come with different packages and offerings, however, their main job is to prevent viruses and malware from getting into the device on which they are installed. They can also scan for and quarantine or delete any suspicious file or program already on the device.

2. Be wary of Downloads from Untrusted Sources: More often than not, ransomware and other programs that affect user data, get into the victim’s PC via file download. This is why it is not advisable to download attachments from emails whose sender you are unsure of. Also, it is not advisable to download files or applications from unofficial sources as they are mostly plagued with malicious software.

3. Avoid Public Wi-Fi: The dangers of using public Wi-Fi definitely outweigh the benefits, as earlier pointed out. These networks are notorious for stealing users’ data which can have devastating effects on the victim’s person or finances. Although totally unavoidable, should you find the need to connect to public Wi-Fi, be sure to use an iPhone VPN so your data can be encrypted as it is sent over the Internet?


Summarily, the iPhone is touted to have a good security system but as with any device that can connect to the Internet, it cannot be totally immune from cyber risks. The aforementioned however proffers lightweight solutions that can be used by users to stay safe while surfing the Internet.


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