seabubbles bubble taxi electric hydrofoil 2 - SeaBubbles shows off it "flying" all-electric boat in Miami.

SeaBubbles shows off it “flying” all-electric boat in Miami.

So get this SeaBubbles a flying boat startup that uses eletricity to power it boats, hit miami this weekend to show off one of it new five prototype boats- or rather six, if you count an early, windowless white boat they’ve lovingly dubbed the “soapdish.”

This innovative boat design combines technology from nautical industries and aviation and intelligent software to raise the hull of the boat out of the water using foils, which helps it consume less energy by allowing it to travel on rougher waters with reduced drag, while also keeping the passenger cabin relatively comfortable. So in that case when raised it ok to say the boat flys on water.
So this startup was founded and brought up by one Alain Thébault a sailor who previously designed and piloted the Hydroptère, it was started in paris three years ago, It was co-founded by on Anders Bringdal a four time windsurfing world champion, who also set a windsurfing world record at 51.45 knots.

“The cities today have one thing in common: pollution and congestion,” explains Bringdal. “Every city has waterways — ones that are fairly unused. Think about having a giant freeway that goes straight down the center of the city, and no one uses it… why is that?,” Bringdal continues.

“You could do this with a normal boat,” he admits. “But with a normal boat with a normal combustion engine, the fuel price you’re paying is between $70 and $130 per hour. With us, it’s $2,” he says. According to SeaBubbles’ U.S. partner, Daniel Berrebi, whose company Baja Ferries has made a “small” investment in SeaBubbles, even larger boats like his could eventually benefit from the technology.

images77735131 - SeaBubbles shows off it "flying" all-electric boat in Miami.
The prototype version of the SeaBubbles boat has only 1.5 hours autonomy and a five-hour battery recharge to show off the technology. But the company claims the versions going into production have 2.5 hours autonomy and a 35-minute recharge. These are the ones they expect to ship this summer to the first purchasers. The company are in miami this week to show off the boats to potential buyers, and take meetings with local officials.SeaBubbles, which has seven staff full-time and 25 people, including contractors, has raised $14 million to date from investors, including the founder of drone maker Parrot, Henri Seydoux; Partech Ventures; the French government-backed BPI fund; MAIF, a French insurance group; as well as friends, family and other angels.

So i guess sooner than later we would be able to fly on water😎😋.

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