FotorCreated115 - School bomb hoax suspect finally arrested.

School bomb hoax suspect finally arrested.

So one Timothy Dalton Vaughn has been arrested in the US for deluging schools and LAX with hoax(fake) bomb threats. One Briton George of Apophis squad is serving jail for aiding the attacks, The Apophis squad are a group of hackers that are behind the pranking spree.

images1493921740 - School bomb hoax suspect finally arrested.

In a lengthy indictment document, Mr Vaughn is accused of conspiring to carry out a series of hack attacks that, say prosecutors, involved:
*threatening FBI offices with anthrax and Ebola
*crashing websites
*defacing webpages
*spoofing emails
*sending bomb threats to 2,000 US and 400 UK schools.

One of his fake bomb threats actually led to a United Airlines jet being quarantined for four hours at San Francisco International Airport as the warning was investigated. The dept of justice has said that if Mr Vaughn counts guilty to all 11 charges against him he is gonna be serving 80 years in jail(that if his even gonna live that long).


fotorcreated115 1393376547 - School bomb hoax suspect finally arrested.

Cyber-security expert Brian Krebs, said Clues to his identity emerged when theuser database from gaming firm BlankMedia Games was stolen and made available online. An email address seen in the stolen data dump resembled one of the aliases Mr Vaughan is alleged to have used, wrote Mr Krebs, and showed thatwhoever owned that account logged in regularly from North Carolina. Earlier this week, Mr Vaughan was arrested at his home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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