satya nadella - Satya Nadella: Success Story Of Microsoft CEO
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Satya Nadella: Success Story Of Microsoft CEO

Satya Narayana Nadella is the Indian-born CEO of Microsoft who bags a salary of $17.5 million and is married to his high school babe Anupama, who has three kids for him.

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Satya Nadella: Microsoft CEO

Today we are gonna be talking about how the Microsoft CEO went from being an average Indian kid to becoming the head of one of the biggest tech company in the world.

Satya was born in Telangana with his father being a Civil servant of the Indian Administrative Service. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Manipal Institute of Technology.

Satya said he actually wanted to go for computer science but due to the fact that it wasn’t much of a deal at the Municipal university, he decided to go for Electrical Engineering.

He later moved to the United States to get a Master’s degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin in 1990.

After completing his computer science study he started his job at “Sun Microsystems” where he worked as a member of their tech staff.

Satya has always wanted to do something that would impact a lot of people and bring a huge impact to the world.

After working with Sun Microsystems for a while he quit to go work for Microsoft which was where his turnover actually started.

He worked so hard and well at Microsoft that he began gaining some attention within the company as “the leader who could spread technology and business of the company to transform some of Microsoft biggest product offerings.”

Satya was the one who led some of Microsoft’s core projects like their move to cloud computing and the creation of one of the world’s largest cloud structures.

It was during this time that the NT operating system was also being developed and Satya was working on the OS while still pursuing his Masters degree.

But he was a multi-tasker, this would sound really crazy but Satya would fly to the university of Chicago from Redmond on Friday nights to attend his classes and then come back to Redmond for work.

Believe it or not, Satya did this till he completed his Masters in Business Administration and he did this in just two and a half years.

Since then Satya has just jumped from one post to another. In his 22 years working at the company he has moved from President of the Server & Tools Division, Senior Vice-President of Research and Development for the Online service Division, Vice-President of Business Division,….and many more, to Executive Vice-President of Cloud and Enterprise group.

It wasn’t too long before he became the Vice President of the small business service “Microsoft

bCentral” and also the General manager for Microsoft Commerce Platform group.

He was among those who led the growth of Microsoft small business, Microsoft BizTalk Server, and Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM products as well.

After that Satya got promoted three time again first to Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Business Solutions to Senior Vice President of Research and Development for the Online service Division and finally to President of Microsoft Server and Tools Business which is worth $19 billion.

It was also under his leadership as Executive Vice President of Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise group that the Bing search engine experienced some insane growth.

It was also under his leadership that the company’s revenue from Cloud Services skyrocketed from $16.6 billion to $20.3 billion in just a time frame of two years.

In 2014 Steve Ballmer, Microsoft ex-CEO announced he was going into retirement which got everyone thinking, who the heck is gonna takeover?

But it was pretty obvious who was gonna ascend the throne, plus the fact that Satya also worked for the company for 22 years and headed the development of products like Windows Azure, System Centre, and SQL Server.

It was finally made official on the 4th of February 2014 that Satya Nadella was gonna be the 3rd CEO of the company succeeding Steve Ballmer. It was on that same day that John W. Thompson took the role of Chairman as Bill Gates also stepped down.

Satya first and most important task as he became CEO was to seal the deal to acquire Nokia Corp mobile-device business for a mind blowing $7.2 billion.

He was also responsible for Microsoft largest lay-off when he laid off 18,000 employees, most of them who worked for Nokia.

It wasn’t too long, he also had the company acquire the video game development company Mojang for $2.5 billion.

His impact in the company could be seen by the market capitalization of Microsoft which stood at $314 billion in 2014 and also the 8th most valuable company by market capitalization in the world. But under his leadership the company’s market capitalization jumped to $410 Billion and also became the end most valuable company by market capitalization.

And there you have it with hard work, determination and will to keep pushing, Satya Nadella is now the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft.

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