samsung galaxy note 10 plus - Samsung Note 10: The Ups And Down That Samsung didn't Mention

Samsung Note 10: The Ups And Down That Samsung didn’t Mention

So the much anticipated Samsung Note 10 Plus is out and it came with some incredible new features that would excite you, and some that would disappoint you.😢

The Samsung Note 10 series has been good since it started in 2011 but the Note 10 Plus was the king. It came out bigger and better.

114 samsung galaxy note 10 note 10 plus - Samsung Note 10: The Ups And Down That Samsung didn't Mention

Here are some of the features of the Note 10 Plus and it brothers that Samsung didn’t talk about in it event that just passed.

So for starters we all know that Samsung has scrapped anything that has to do with a headphone jack(that a bummer) yes now you’re gonna have to make use of the Bluetooth headphones to jam your music. 🔊

As a matter of fact Samsung is actually the last high-end smartphone to ditch the headphone jack. Counterparts like the iPhones and Lenovo have done that since 2016.

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The Note 10 is also saying goodbye to the microSD slot which use to be common among the Note 10. Although the massive screened Note 10 Plus still has a microSD slot.

According to Suzanne De Silva

who is the head of Mobile for Samsung Electronics America said that the reason why they got rid of the SD card slot was to create space for a bigger battery and also make the phone thinner.

But if the massive 256GB of phone storage is not enough for you then I’ll advise you expend memory. Due to the fact that Samsung Note 10 has only one standard front-camera, it is close to impossible for it to carry out a facial recognition process. So that why we have no facial unlock.

But as we know Samsung never disappoints, instead of the facial recognition software for unlocking, it moved it fingerprint scanner from the back to inside the screen. (Yes… inside the screen)😲

Samsung also added some extra features to it stylus, like now you can control your Note 10 with the stylus over the camera, it called the “Air gestures”. That not all, you can even switch camera modes, zoom in and out all with just the stylus pen.

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