Samsung foldable phone review.

So if you think youv’e seen it all in the samsung edge display, wait till you see the new foldable phones. Right now the phone hasn’t been given a name yet so we’ll just stick to calling it the foldable phone.

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So right now the price tag on this machine is rumoured to be around $1800 – $2500 range. According to samsung’s dirctor of product strategy and marketing de Silva sthe phone id set to be released in the first quarter of 2019 and it also gonn a come with the infinity flex display.
people want a bigger display, right? That’s the reason we got rid of the bezels,” de Silva said. “That’s the reason we created the Infinity Flex, so that we can give consumers the biggest display.”


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Rumours has it that the phone comes with double battery due to it large screen it gonna consume so much power, sources say the batteries capacity are 2,190mAh each that a total of 4,380mAh.
The camera may be borrowed from the forthcoming Galaxy S10, according to an ETNews report, which says it will have a “similar” triple-lens camera to the S10, consisting of a dual-lens setup and a third ultrawide lens. The sensors will be made by a division of Samsung itself. Because the Galaxy S10 is not official yet, this is difficult to verify, but sounds plausible enough. Samsung offered a first look at this phone at it developers conference. The major component that enabled the folding action of the phone is it infinity flex display which they say took them 7 years to develop.

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What will the phone be called? We don’t know yet. It has been referred to as the Galaxy X and Galaxy F, and was once known as Project Valley too. Additionally, Dutch tech websiteLet’s Go Digital unearthed a November 2018 trademark application filed in Turkey for the name Samsung Galaxy Fold. In the company name field, the application states “Legally Restricted Until Publication Date,” however we’re nearly certain Samsung filed the application since the trademark request is for a product that includes the already trademarked Galaxy name.

Drop your suggestions on what you think the phone should be called.

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