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Samsung Beats Xiaomi To Become India’s No.1 Highest Seller

Samsung finally dethrones long time champions Xiaomi, to become the most sold smartphone brand in India.

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According to marketing and research organization Counterpoint, Samsung dominated and held 24% of the Indian smartphone market this year so far.

As we all know India is one of the largest smartphone market in the world and dominating in the country really meant a lot for any smartphone brand.

In the 3rd quarter of 2020 Counterpoint reported that over 50 million units of smartphones were shipped into India.

Although Xiaomi shipment remains at 23%, Samsung unit shipment went up by 32% year-over-year. Samsung’s success can be traced to their massive push in online sales and production of much cheaper and affordable phones.

images 1 3 - Samsung Beats Xiaomi To Become India's No.1 Highest Seller

Although all that said and done, Xiaomi which entered the Indian market in 2014 still dominates when it comes to online sales in India.

India is Xiaomi’s largest market outside China, and right now they’re really struggling to hang on to that title as their anti-China sentiment in India increases.

If Xiaomi doesn’t attend to this rising issue it might just lead to some major backslide. Micromax, Indian’s one time smartphone giant that once dominated the market, has come out to say that they are getting ready for a massive comeback with new smartphones.


Rahul Sharma who is the head of “in”, the new smartphones Micromax is planning on launching said in a Twitter video that, it was the Chinese phone makers that killed them and now they are ready to take back what theirs.

Here is a brief history of how Chinese killed the Indian manufacturers.

In previous times before the Chinese smartphone makers dominated 70% of the Indian market, they usually work hand in hand with each other.

The Chinese would manufacture the phones and sell them to Indian firms under a white-label agreement, then these Indian firms would sell to the local consumers.

But as time went on the Chinese manufacturers decided to remove the middlemen which were the indian firms and sold even better models at better prices directly to consumers thereby leaving the firms empty-handed.

So with all that said and done we can clearly see that a lot of smartphone companies are really trying their best to dominate or even at the very least have a spot in the Indian smartphone market.

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