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Russia’s Private Internet Has Just Taken Effect

Remember the “sovereign internet” law which was signed by Russia’s president Vladimir Putin sometime in May, well the law has just taken effect on the 1st of November.

With this new law, the Russian government is gonna have the power to control what content comes and goes out of the country.

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According to the Russian government, the reason for signing the bill into law was to stop cyberattacks from happening and to also keep the Russian internet safe.

They also said part of the reason was so that if the west decides to cut Russia out from the world wide web, they could still thrive independently.

According to Rachel Denber, the Human rights watch deputy Europe and Central Asia director “Now the government can directly censor content or even turn Russia’s internet into a closed system without telling the public what they are doing or why. This jeopardizes the right of people in Russia to free speech and freedom of information online.”


But to run an independent internet is not gonna be as easy as they make it sound. Even David Belson, senior director of the internet Research and Analysis, at the internet Society said that Russia, gets a lot of networks coming into the country and it would be somewhat difficult to achieve an isolated internet.

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