Cheese Grater Mac Pro - Review on the all new Mac Pro (Cheese grater) CPU
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Review on the all new Mac Pro (Cheese grater) CPU

Yes that right, Apple has just recently unveiled it brand new Mac Pro cheese grater that gonna be out soon. It came with some really mad specs that are over the top and that what we’re gonna be talking about today.

The Mac Pro CPU is expected comes with a 28core Intel zeon, it also comes with 12 Dimm slots for a whooping 1.5T of RAM(did you just get that, just in case you didn’t here it is again.) It has 12 DiMM slots for 1.5T of RAM. (That is just insane)

It also comes with one GPU and is capable of holding up to four GPU and also an AMD Radeon Pro Vega 2. There are also pci slots available (four), an SSD storage of up to 4T


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The Mac pro which i like to call the metal cheese grater has a standard CPU size and also comes with this double handle at the top.

The power button is located at the top along with a double thunderbolt port. It also has two massive fans on both sides of the machine keeping it stable at all time.

As you would expect, the Mac pro doesn’t come cheap at all, it comes at a starting price of a whooping $6,000 and with that it pretty clear that the Mac Pro ain’t for everyone.

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