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Purism Review: The Best Laptop For Hackers

Purism Ultra-book is one laptop built specially for people who are very concerned about their privacy and security. The laptop which looks much like the one used by Edward Snowden comes with some pretty insane features.

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Purism is a 13” ultra-book with 1080p display, core i7 7500U, 32GB of RAM and get this, you get to pick the firmware and operating system. (I know, crazy right😮)

The laptop comes in a plastic bag, something which is rare and also you don’t get to see any sort of branding or logo on it. It just completely black, if someone asks what type of laptop you were using, you just tell them it a black laptop.

The laptop has a bezel and another very spyish feature is a kill switch on the side. Yes that right, there’s some sort of a kill switch that when flipped, turns off the webcam, mic, wifi, bluetooth and basically any form of radio. (Therefore nothing comes in nothing goes out)


Other features includes your average headphone jack, USB type-C connector, hdmi port and a full size SD card slot.

It doesn’t end there, when the Purism laptop is powered on it first asks you to input a disk encryption password so your hard disk can’t be accessed by anyone.

Even the browsers on the computer comes with it own security, it tells you when a site is trying to access your location and even warns you when you try to access a site without the HTTPS security.

One thing for sure is that, using the Purism makes you feel very secured and like you can’t be hacked. (Even though no system is ever safe)

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