download 7 - Plane Makers, Gulfstream Has Just Unveiled Their Brand New G700 Jet

Plane Makers, Gulfstream Has Just Unveiled Their Brand New G700 Jet

Plane makers, Gulfstream just unveiled it all new G700 private jet, which also is now the largest plane in the private plane industry.

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Gulfstream G700 is truly the billionaires jet

During the 2019 National Business Aviation Association Convention and Exhibition which was held in Las Vegas, Gulfstream President, Mark Burns said that “The Gulfstream G700 takes the best elements from our most innovative products and unites them with cutting-edge advances to create an all-new, advanced-technology aircraft that redefines safety, comfort, and range at speed.”

The G700 aircraft which runs on two RollsRoyce Pearl 700 engines has the tallest, longest and the widest cabin amongst all it planes. The jet is so spacious that it can hold 19 passengers and 10 when they are lying down.

The G700 jet also comes with a 6-person dinning room which can also double down as a conference room. The plane is surrounded by circadian lighting system which helps recreate sunrise and sunset. (Crazy right)

Burns added, saying that “Gulfstream has a long tradition of listening to our customers, and the G700 cabin is the evolution of that collaboration.” (BTW, the customers are always right)

As you would expect, Gulfstream has began receiving offers already. Qatar airways which is already servicing 11 Gulfstreams, has already placed an order for 10 of the new G700 which they plan on using for their Qatar Executive service business jet charter business.

According to Qatar airways CEO, Mr Akbar

Al BakerWe are excited to be the launch customer of the G700, the largest business jet in the industry, and we are looking forward to aircraft joining our fleet.”

He went on to say that “Qatar Executive’s customers have extremely high standards, and this aircraft will help us meet their requirements by delivering unrivaled performance that complements our excellence in customer service.”

I know what might be running in the minds of most of you is how much does this bad boy cost? Well as a matter of fact this plane is meant for the big boys only, coming at a price tag of $75 million. (I know, crazy right)😲

The jet’s features does not end there, it master suite comes with an optional master bath, two Windows, a wardrobe and a spa shower.

The G700 also has a predictive landing system, and what this does is that it helps the pilot see advanced warnings on the runway so they could make adjustments. Oh and just to make it clear, the aircraft is already sold out through 2023. (Yes that right, sold out)

Delivery of the G700 jets is also said to begin by 2022. So if you’re one of the lucky billionaires who have placed orders for this jet, then I must give you guys a huge thumbs up.

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