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Pixel 4: Google Finally Announced a Release Date

So it not been quite long we all witnessed the unveiling of the iPhone 11 at the apple event, now it time for Google to do their own unveiling. Google on Monday sent out invitations to media outlets inviting them to New York City on the 15 October for their own big event titled “come see a few new things Made by Google.”

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So what exactly is the Pixel 4 about

Google have been known to always release it killer products in it Octo ber event, although they never made any mention of the Pixel 4

but from leaks we have been getting the past few months, the Pixel 4 is a must at the event. From the leaks we also know that the Pixel 4 is gonna be coming with a radar technology that used for gesture controls.

Recall earlier this year Google CFO Ruth Porat, said that they experienced a massive drop in Pixel 4 sales the past few months. She also said the drop was due to “recent pressures in the premium smartphone market.” But they were smart enough to release the budget Pixel 3A which according to Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, “doubled the Pixel sale in the second quarter.” He also said the jump in sales was due to Verizon and Google store.

As a matter of fact, this Oct. 15 event would be the first since the departure of Mario Queiroz, Google’s former Pixel Team head. He now works at Sundar Pichai’s office.

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