mumsnet0902 - Parenting site mumsnet hit by data breach.

Parenting site mumsnet hit by data breach.

So the problem began around 5-7 of febuary where by users were able to view other users account details after an upgrade, a total of 46 users were breached but no password were exposed.

mumsnet0902 1536571800 - Parenting site mumsnet hit by data breach.

In a statement Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts said “You’ve every right to expect your Mumsnet account to be secure and private, We are working urgently to discover exactly how this breach happened and to learn and improve our processes.”


Those affected were able to view email addresses, account details, posting history, and even personal messages. Mumsnet said it had now reversed the software update that caused the issue. It has also forced all users to log out so anyone still lurking in another user’s account would be removed from it.

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