1565436041 3153 - Pakistani Mass Transport Startup Airlift, Raises $12 Million In Series A Funding

Pakistani Mass Transport Startup Airlift, Raises $12 Million In Series A Funding

Today, Pakistani based mass transit startup Airlift, made the announcement that they have just secured a $12 million series A funding.

Pakistani Mass Transport Startup Airlift, Raises $12 Million In Series A Funding | Airlift, buses, decentralized, funding, mass transit, Pakistan

The funding was led by top U.S. venture capital firm First Round Capital, who also have investments in other top companies like Roblox, Uber and Square.

The funding which is the largest ever raised by a Pakistani startup, also happens to be the largest raised in South Asia this year. This is also the first time a U.S. based venture capital is investing in Pakistan.

Airlift’s mode of operation is quite very simple, customers get to travel in quality buses with air-conditioning systems.

First you’re expected to sign-up and then login on their mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS users. Once that done, users can make reservations for seats and select their pickup and dropoff location.

Customers can also make payments with credit or debit card or you could pay with cash too if you’re onboard.

According to Airlift “We are spearheading the third wave of ride-sharing, in which higher capacity vehicles are playing an increasing role in enabling urban commute. With this financing, Airlift is looking to invest in technology and operations to scale its vision for a decentralized mass transit system, initially focusing on the developing world.”

CEO of Airlift, Usman Gul went on to say that “in the future, mass transit systems will be dynamic in nature, catering and adapting to the changing needs of the urban population. Our vision for decentralized mass transit system is new concept, one that will fundamentally redefine how people commute in urban centers.” Just so you know, Usman Gul worked at DoorDash before moving to Pakistan.

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