OMG….now that what you I call a Hyper-Car “Zenvo TSR-S”.

Zenvo is a denmark automobile company( well the only automobile company in denmark) founded in 2007 by Troels Vollertsen. The moster comes with a 1,177bhp. Ample, and it also claims an impressive 0-62mph in 2.8sec and 0-124mph in 6.8sec, when the MacLaren 720 was tested it hit a 0-124mph in 7.4sec so i guess you know what that means…. Although it has a limited speed limit of 202mph.

zenvo tsr s477785595 - OMG....now that what you I call a Hyper-Car "Zenvo TSR-S".

When asked the reason for the limitation he said “The TSR track car had a fixed rear wing, but I’d been thinking that maybe we could alter the downforce so we could put more pressure back across to the unloaded inside wheel while cornering, so you not only get downforce, but also create an effect like an anti-roll bar.

zenvo al salone di ginevra 2018 1735612726 - OMG....now that what you I call a Hyper-Car "Zenvo TSR-S".


So we took the standard wing and tried it at different angles in the simulation, and we could see there was a massive impact.” Remember Lamborghini’s ALA rear wing that bleeds airflow and so on? Well, this is a similar idea, just way more extrovert.

The main feature of this hypercar that caught my attention is the never seen before is the movable wings, this wings move in accordance with the vehicle to enhance balance,speed and compensate for drag also, it also has a cool feature that allows the wings waggle while parked just for those who loves to showoff (BTW who wouldnt wanna showoff their new zenvo TSR-S, i know i would) it also very noisy very but who does not love a noisy hypercar..

Well, aero is the unseen force in car dynamics – you only notice it when it goes. Having said that, what I do notice is that the back end is more planted than the front (as you’d hope when it’s the end that has to deploy 1,177bhp) and the nose feels comparatively soft, the steering a little springy. So there’s a sense of imbalance front to rear – but that’s fine: next week this car is off to Nardo for chassis maestro Loris Bicocchi to work his magic.

Perfecting the gearbox is a challenge common to all small hypercar marques and has led to some creative solutions – witness Koenigsegg’s single-speed Regera. The problem is the need to handle colossal torque yet have usability and longevity. It’s fine if you’re Bugatti and can invest tens of millions in the problem, but for smaller firms it’s a big issue. You can check out http://www.topgear.com for more in depth spec review. Tell me what you think about the zenvo tsr- s in the comment section below.

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