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Oculus VR Headset Might Soon Be Controller-Free

So Facebook’s oculus Quest VR headset is gonna be getting some major upgrade to add some new features like hand tracking and PC tethering.

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Oculus set to get major update

According to Facebook, the aim of it updates was to broaden the functionality of it devices and at the same time making way for a richer platform.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the Touch controllers for the Quest did go a long way in helping people move and interact with objects in their virtual environment.

But Facebook has figured out a way to use built-in cameras on the oculus Quest to track your hands without you using an additional hardware. With this new discovery, VR experience would be even better because now the number of additional accessories is gonna be reduced.


Also for those who have always wanted to play some of oculus PC-based VR experiences but never had a compatible headset can now do that.

Facebook announced that it gonna be releasing another update in November which will allow users to tether an oculus Quest to a PC using a USB-C cable connection.

According to Zuckerberg, any standard USB-C cable would work perfectly but for those who wants to be 100% sure, oculus will be making it own official cable for tethering the Quest to PC.

The update which is called “oculus link” will be available in November but the tracking update is not gonna be available until next year.

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