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New Jersey Places The Clearview AI App On Hold

Remember that app Clearview AI that was used by law enforcement agencies to quickly ID someone by simply taking a photo of them? Well New Jersey might soon be placing a ban on it.

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Clearview AI currently on hold

As we all know, Clearview works by simply running a photo through it database gallery of photos it scraped from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Venmo, instagram and others.

The app has been around for quite a while now but was drawn into the spotlight last week after privacy officials said it capabilities were frightening. 🧐

One of these officials who is actually doing more to investigate the app is New Jersey’s attorney general, Gurbir Grewal.

According to Sharon Lauchaire, the New Jersey’s attorney general of communications “AG asked that all law enforcement agencies in New Jersey stop using Clearview’s technology until we get a better handle on the situation.”

She went on to say that “We have communicated this request to the 21 County Prosecutors, and asked that they share it with all of the police departments and other law enforcement agencies within their respective jurisdictions.”


According to the ACLU of New Jersey the Clearview app and it facial-recognition tech could cause a lot of problems to a nation.

Clearview has been under fire in recent times with reports saying that their data cannot be trusted as it might provide a false match.

Just recently Twitter demanded that the app stop using any photo gotten from it platform or they might face the consequences.

The only comment we have from Clearview AI is a statement posted on their site that reads “Clearview is not a surveillance system and is not built like one.”

But if you come to think of it, it does seem like a surveillance system. I mean common, the app runs your face through almost every image on the internet until it finds a match. (It a really sweet tech but still……)

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