area 51 raid countdown - Naruto Run! This Guy Was Seen On The News Running Into Area 51

Naruto Run! This Guy Was Seen On The News Running Into Area 51

So the “Storm Area 51” to go “see them aliens” while doing the Naruto run has officially began but it seems like most of the individuals are taking to the instructions of the military and staying back.

Naruto running to Area 51

But one random guy was seen during a local TV news in Las Vegas doing the Naruto run and going into the facility, one thing I know for sure is that the guy is a gonner.

The Naruto run as we all know is named after the Japanese anime character Naruto Uzumaki who for some reason throws his hands behind his back while running.

But luckily for all those people/Naruto runners nothing bad has happened since it began, although two Dutch YouTubers were arrested last week for trying to Naruto run their way into the facility. What on earth were they thinking.


The U.S. military has come out to warn the public that they would not hold back when it comes to protecting their facility and would protect it with force of possible.

I would love to see those who could Naruto run faster than a bullet.😂

Lots of videos have began emerging online of people or rather Naruto runners outside the gate on the early hours.

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