mystery of unidentified drones in the skies of Colorado 600x400 1 - Mysterious Swarm of Drones Spotted In The Colorado Sky

Mysterious Swarm of Drones Spotted In The Colorado Sky

So for all those who don’t believe in the existence of aliens, I think you would find this one very interesting. If you live in or close to Colorado, chances are you must have notice some alienish activities recently.

mystery of unidentified drones in the skies of colorado 600x400 562735063 - Mysterious Swarm of Drones Spotted In The Colorado Sky

Could this drones be that of the aliens

During the Christmas week massive unidentified drones were seen roaming the night skies of Colorado and sometimes they even appear in swarms of about 30. (Yes 30)😨

When asked to comment on the issue, Phillips County Sheriff Thomas Eliot said he also had no idea of where the drones where coming from or where they were headed.(even the sheriff has no idea, then we’re goners)

But the sheriff did say that he noticed the drones following a particular pattern called a “grid search.” According to the sheriff “They’ve been doing a grid search pattern, they fly one square and then they fly ano ther square.”


The drones which have a wingspan of 6-foot were reported to appear at 7 o’clock in the evening and would stay in the air till about 10 o’clock at night.

All major agencies including the Air force, and Army have all said the drones does not belong to them. (Then who owns the damm thing)😤

Due to the fact that the area where the drones were usually spotted was an area with no government, there were no laws that require the operators to identify themselves.

The post later spoke with a drone photographer and pilot Vic Moss who said the drones seemed to be either mapping, surveying or searching the area.

According to moss the drones were examining crops or could even belong to a drone company testing their new tech.

He has also advised residents of the area not to shoot down the drones as it is very flammable.(but it also advised to sleep with your shot gun by your side)😎

If you live in or around Colorado and have come across this mysterious drones or have any piece of information concerning the drones, don’t hesitate to let us know down in the comments section.

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