Microsoft search engine”Bing” currently inaccessible in China.

Reports has been received lately of microsoft search engine bing being unavailable in china, microsoft has not said anything yet concerning the outage, could this be another site blocked by censorship.

microsoft office logo 630x354873182633 - Microsoft search engine"Bing" currently inaccessible in China.

Well as we all know ( and those who dont know) china authorities operate a firewall that blocks most US social media platforms like facebook and twitter,considering them to be socially harmful and dangerous the people and could lead to security breaches.that what known as censorship. But could this be what happening to bing or is it just a mere technical problem.


p10206781936296277 - Microsoft search engine"Bing" currently inaccessible in China.

Bing’s rival google shut down it office in china in 2010 and has said they dont have any plan for a re-launch, although twitter has been blocked, facebook on the other hand tried setting up an office in china last year but were also blocked microsoft had maintained it office since 1992 and since then continue to operate it bing and skype.

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