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Microsoft Just Announced It Releasing A Dual-Screen Phone, The Surface Duo

So Microsoft on Wednesday at it event in New York showed off some of it new and latest devices like the Surface Duo.

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Microsoft Surface Duo is here to stay

The Microsoft Surface Duo is a double screened phone, yes that right, it a smartphone with double screens that Microsoft claimed would Increase productivity. First it was foldable phones, then we saw the Xiaomi phone which has an all around screen, and now this.

Much details about the Surface Duo was not provided but what we know is that the phone would be available to the public by the holiday period of 2020.

Microsoft also took the opportunity to launch their brand new Windows 10 X software which is meant for dual-screen devices.

Other products which were also announced at the event are the Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7 tablets, Surface Earbuds, SQ1 custom Arm chip and the Surface Pro X.

The Surface Duo also runs on Google operating system so you get the Google playstore and other Google services on the device.

According to Microsoft Product Chief, Panos Panay, he said that ” The product brings together the absolute best of Microsoft, and we’re partnering with Google to bring the absolute best of Android in one product.”

Microsoft has been a maker of operating systems for mobile phones for a long time now but they gave up that effort some years back.


New competitors like Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS came into the market and slam dunked their Windows OS. Microsoft realized early that it wasn’t gonna win the battle between Google and Apple, so they did the right thing and left the software business for them.

If Microsoft were to try and go back into the phone business, they would just be wasting their time and resources because right now there are only three smartphone makers that are dominating the matket.

We have Samsung which claims 22% of smartphones shipped worldwide, Huawei took 17% while Apple claimed 11%. Others didn’t even make up to 10% except Xiaomi and Oppo who are trying to tag along.

As we all know, this isn’t the first time we’re seeing a double screened phone. We saw the ZTE’s Axom M in 2017 which didn’t last for long, then we saw the LG’s first 5G phone, the V50 which also didn’t generate that buzz we’re looking for.

Let just hope this dual screen phones are here to stay and not just be another dud. Coupled with the fact that most people have now set their sight on foldable phones.

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