860x394 - Microsoft Beat Amazon To Secure The Whitehouse $10 Billion Cloud Computing Deal

Microsoft Beat Amazon To Secure The Whitehouse $10 Billion Cloud Computing Deal

Microsoft just beaten Amazon to get the Pentagon’s $10 billion cloud computing deal. Although Amazon had more bids which was supposed to put them as the frontrunners, but i guess president Donald Trump had other things in mind.

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Microsoft beat Amazon to it

Microsoft is now going to be in charge of the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure or JEDI project. Microsoft and Amazon were not the only ones who actually wanted this contract, it was reported that Oracle and Google were also fighting for it.

Google backed out from the contract-Chase after it employees said they don’t feel so comfortable working or the U.S military.

Reports showed that Amazon beat Microsoft in nearly everything. Firstly, Amazon web services were said to be used by 48% percent of the market, which is a slam dunk compared to Microsoft’s 15.5%.

Secondly, Amazon has a higher certification for data management from the military compared to Microsoft. Although reports has it that the whole thing has something to do with the president and Jeff bezos, which was why Amazon didn’t win the contract.


As we all know, it no big news that president Donald Trump is not a fan of Amazon CEO, Jeff bezos. He has be seen multiple times criticizing the Washington Post which is owned by Jeff Bezos. He claims that the Washington Post publishes “fake news.”

Even an attorney with the law firm McCarter & English, Franklin Turner, told the Washington Post that “it’s crystal clear here that the president of the United States did not want this contract to be awarded to one of the competitors. As a result its fairly likely that we will see a number of challenges that the procurement was not conducted on a level playing field.”

In their defense, the Defense Department said that “ The acquisition process was conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. All parties were treated fairly and evaluated consistently with the solicitation’s stated evaluation criteria.”

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