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MI6 – Is it real or just a movie myth

So i guess we’ve all heard of the MI6 maybe in the movies or in some story, either way we all know the MI6 as a very secretive force of the government that goes on missions around the world, drive speedboats and fast cars. Well that isn’t actually the case, well not entirely.

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According to some MI6 agents who spoke with bbc, they said although the agency is sort of glamorous but they don’t get to drive fast cars or speedboats when travelling.

Rather they could be seen on public transports or even walking in the streets like every other normal person would, but one thing they do have that similar to what portrayed on movies is the gadgets.

They actually have a special technologist that makes this cool gadgets for them like glasses that see through clothes and laser rings.

Recruitment at MI6 usually takes around eight to nine months.

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Also if you manage to pass the whole screening process and you’re accepted into the agency, you’re not allowed to tell everyone you know, just some family members.

Concerning the criticism revolving around the agency that it only accepts citizens and people of a particular ethnicity, they said all that was false and that as a matter of fact they are even keen on employing people from different background and social upbringing.

All this said and done it ok to say that the MI6 is a very cool and fun place to work where you get to use some very cool gadgets and travel around the world unraveling some conspiracy theory.

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