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Mercedes-Benz App Glitch Exposes Account Information Of Other Users

MercedesBenz car owners have just reported that the app which they used to remotely unlock, locate and start their car was displaying other people’s account information.

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Mercedes-Benz app is experiencing a massive glitch

According to some Mercedes-Benz car owners, they said their app was displaying information such as the car owners name, phone numbers, and recent activity belonging to other users.

This security glitch happened on Friday before the app went offline. The app which is connected to your Mercedes-Benz lets you remotely locate, unlock, lock, start and stop your car’s engine.

According to one owner based in Seattle, he said that he and his friend who are both Mercedes-Benz owners, had the same account information of another user in their respective apps.


They said they had access to the user’s cars last location, but they were not able to start or unlock the car neither could they see the real-time information of the car.

When the user contacted Mercedes-Benz for support, they asked him to delete the app until they fix the glitch.

According to another car owner, he said that “I got in contact with the person who owns the car that was showing up. I could see the car was in Los Angeles, where he had been, and he was in fact there.”

Although most customers who experienced the glitch said the “start engine” and “lock” feature were not working on their app, which makes the glitch not so bad.

The Mercedes-Benz app has been installed over 100,000 times from Google PlayStore. In August we experienced similar incident from credit monitoring company Credit Karma.

The glitch also exposed the account information of other users including their credit card numbers and balances.

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