amanda iheme 2 - Meet Amanda Iheme The Psychotherapist Shaping/Fixing The Minds Of Africans
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Meet Amanda Iheme The Psychotherapist Shaping/Fixing The Minds Of Africans

Ok so are you one of those people who constantly questions their subconscious about their existence or basically feel they are not mentally healthy? Well if you are, then I think you might want to get a cuppa coffee, increase your screen’s brightness and pay very close attention.

Ok so before we get to know who our awesome and star psychotherapist is for today, let try to really grasp the meaning and what psychotherapy is and who it for.

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The simplest way I think to explain psychotherapy to someone is simply say it kinda like a “Talk Therapy.” What psychotherapy does is that it helps us understand and manage our feelings. It also helps us think logically and critically without completely letting our emotions cloud our physical judgements.

Psychotherapy is similar to counseling, and the two can overlap. However, the former tends to look more deeply, addressing the underlying causes of a person’s problems as well as how to solve them.

Now sometimes you hear psychotherapy in context with words like counseling or physiatry. But let me just take a little time to clear the air on that.

Now firstly psychotherapy, like I said earlier is simply a talk therapy. Counseling on the other hand is also a talk session but aims to help with addressing deep personal “problems” that affects others and how to solve them. (Note the emphasis on problems). And lastly physiatry is just solving human problems with medicine.

Now our star psychotherapist is non other than Amanda Iheme, yes she is the lady who has been helping most Africans achieve a very peaceful and healthy mental state of mind. Amanda doubles down as a psychotherapist and an architecture photographer based the Lagos Nigeria. She has been the plug behind some very esteemed achievers who were once disoriented.

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Now let talk some achievements :
Amanda bagged herself a Bachelor’s degree in psychology (obviously) at the University of Cape Coast. But then she thought that wasn’t enough, and went on bag herself another degree, this time her Masters in Clinical Psychology at the Swansea University. (Speak of bagging them degrees ha😏)

If you’re battling with say… Depression, bereavement, addiction, low self-esteem, or basically any disorder that leaves you overwhelmed, then you might wanna ring up someone like Amanda as she has been well know to use some very interesting techniques to solve these problems.

If you haven’t heard the name Amanda Iheme before then I’ll assume you’re not so into this peaceful state of mind stuff. No matter where you are, if you need someone is ready to really help in decluttering your life, I think she’s your plug. Her sessions lasts for minutes, days, hours or even weeks, depending on how messed up your inner self-conscious is. (No offense 🤷🏽‍♂️)

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Her sessions can be one-on-one, in pairs or groups and even online so you don’t have to worry about where you are. Whatever it is you need, whether it a psychologist, marriage and family therapist, or a psychoanalyst, she has experience in all.

If you’re having mobility problems, has difficulty fitting therapy into your schedule, can’t find a proficient specialist in your area, or does not like face-to-face communication, then you have nothing to worry about as you can engage in a online therapy or rather a telehealth session with her.


The beautiful thing about psychotherapy is that it gives you someone to share and explore your problems with confidentially. It helps you discover yourself and learn more about your goals and value. A doctor will often prescribe it alongside medication, though some people may only benefit from psychotherapy.

Now let turn the spotlight back to our mental star. So do you really think her fits ended there?😏 Amanda currently runs her own private practice called “Ndidi.” She does a lot of traveling and always carry her camera with her. Some of her art has been exhibited at Art X Lagos 2019 and Lagos Photo 2018. She tries to focus on exploring the themes of history, spirituality in relation to buildings and emotions. (That deep😳)

She believes that through her stories and images of buildings built during the 1800s, all things: people, space, matter, animals, objects, on earth go through the same journey in life. And if you actually think deep into it you’ll come to realize it true. We all are built with life us, strong at first, and as we/things age, factors affect us/them and we age then we draw closer to death.

Everyone is born with their own spirit, and it this spirit that sometimes guides us through some decisions. Sometimes we call it our subconscious and I believe once our physical body dies we go fully into spirit mood and leave those still leaving with memories. Our mind is a very powerful place and what we feed it can really affect us in so many ways.

Take for example, if you wake up in the morning and you’re depressed and believe you’ll never be great, you’ll never be great. 😎 If you give yourself 3 days to finish a project, you’ll take three days to finish the project. But if you give yourself 24hrs, you’ll be done in 24 hours. Also I believe there is no such thing as luck or pain as this are just excuses we feed our mind to explain a situation we feel incapable of understanding.

That how powerful the mind can be, it actually capable of altering a lot of things we do in the physical realm. We just have to understand how to realize, harness, and utilize our inner energy to benefit our lives. Now most of you might not really understand what I’m saying with time it’ll become clearer to you.

I mean isn’t it just interesting waking up in the morning not knowing where you’re gonna wind up or who you’re gonna meet next?😌

A man once said, “We are all already screwed in this journey called ‘Life’ because non of us a coming out of it ‘alive’, we must all die.” So why waste your time living a terrible life.

To book a session with Amanda, simply send a mail to [email protected] or [email protected]

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