dims - Mark Zuckerberg Fears TikTok Might Pose Some Serious Threat

Mark Zuckerberg Fears TikTok Might Pose Some Serious Threat

So late last year Facebook launched a service called Lasso, an app similar to TikTok with intentions to run TikTok out of business.

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TikTok still out ranking Lasso

But things haven’t been going that smooth as Lasso was installed just 425,000 times since it launched in November. But TikTok’s number says it all, with 640 million installs outside China and 1.4 billion installs beyond China. With those numbers it pretty clear that Facebook’s Lasso does not stand a chance.

Mark Zuckerberg is pretty aware of the threat posed by TikTok, he’s quite aware of the fact that TikTok is growing in key international markets that Facebook and instagram depends on.

Facebook has been known to always try and clone very popular apps and if you could recall, they tried this with Snapchat when they launched standalone apps like poke and Slingshot to mimic Snapchat Stories.

But unfortunately non of Facebook’s standalone apps has ever gained that traction it always wanted. When Facebook realized they ain’t going no where with poke or slingshot, they had no other choice but to stick it into their instagram and Facebook apps.

And the only reason why the feature got popular on instagram was because they both had the same concept.

Another reason why it very difficult for Facebook and instagram to clone TikTok is because, unlike Facebook or instagram which is about what you’re doing right now, TikTok is simply about entertaining your followers


Although Facebook is doing everything possible to attract more users to it Lasso platform, like the addition of tutorials on how to do remix and add GIFs. But that still isn’t working out so well.

The top videos on Lasso’s feed are seen to get around 80 likes while a typical video (not top) on TikTok sees around hundreds of likes.

Judging from the numbers I would just recommend Facebook to give up as TikTok is simply just a slam dunk to their Lasso.

Here are some stats carried out by Sensor Tower comparing TikTok and Lasso since it launch in November.

  • The Lasso app has been downloaded 250,000 times in the US since November while TikTok has been downloaded 41 million times since November too.😱
  • Lasso got 760 download per day in the US whereas TikTok got 126,000 downloads per day.(insane)

  • On the US Google playstore Social App Ranking, Lasso came in at #155 while the big dogs, TikTok, came in at #2 position (like I said, slam dunk)

The only possible way for Facebook to compete against TikTok is for them to buy TikTok top content creators which I think is not gonna work.

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