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Major Differences between Ubuntu and Windows Operating System

So I’ve been getting a lot of request from readers asking me what the major difference between Ubuntu and Windows OS. So I’ve decided to just shed some light on some of the major differences between this two operating systems.

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Many people have been stuck with the problem of deciding if they should use Ubuntu as their computer’s OS or should they stay witb their Windows OS, well by the time you finish reading and knowing the major differences between them you’re gonna be sure of which to use.

So let start off with getting to know about Ubuntu which is an open-source operating system which means it free and can be modified to suite your own taste or needs.

For you to be able to use Ubuntu, you’re gonna have an idea of a thing or two about programming or rather, an on using Command Prompt.

Ubuntu does not run (.exe) files which means it close to impossible for your computer to get a virus. Ubuntu’s repository is also closed and only accepts programs that have been tested which means any program you find on Ubuntu have been thoroughly tested and is stable for use.
Now let move on to Windows which is another very popular operating system that not free and supports mostly (.exe) files. Windows has a very simple and easy to use UI which makes it the most preferred to Ubuntu. It does not require any knowledge of coding, CMD whatsoever for you to use it.


Anybody can use Windows and still do majority of the things done

on Ubuntu, only that the person using Ubuntu is gonna have more control and power over the Windows user.

If you ask me I’ll say that Ubuntu is meant primarily developers or programmers because they usually like having complete control over their computer.

Although an average Windows user can still understand some things on Ubuntu, I’ll advice if you’re used to Windows and it working perfectly for you, stick with it. But if you’re a developer and you’re feeling restricted to some features on your Windows computer, then I’ll suggest you move to Ubuntu.

If you have other suggestion on the differences between Ubuntu and Windows Operating System, then feel free to let others know by using the comment section below.

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