3403 63b01 1 - Jeff Bezos was Spotted Partying on David Geffen $590 million Yacht

Jeff Bezos was Spotted Partying on David Geffen $590 million Yacht

So the world’s richest man Jeff bezos was spotted on the mega-yacht belonging to entertainment mogul David Geffen. Alongside Jeff bezos was supermodel Karlie Kloss, Lloyd Blankfein and and Bezos girlfriend Lauren Sanchez.

The megayacht which is nicknamed the “Rising Sun” was originally built for Oracle’s founder Larry Ellison before been bought by David Geffen in 2010 for a whooping $590 million.💲

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The 454 foot megayacht has hosted lots of big names like and celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Oprah Winfrey and even former president of the United States Barrck Obama.💵

David Geffen is a top dog when it comes to the entertainment industry and he is the founder of SKG, Asylum records, DGS records, Geffen records and even DreamWorks.🎬 The billionaire who is said to be worth $8.2 billion is also the proud owner of $590 million “Rising Sun” Yacht.


The Yacht was said to have gone through six-months of redesign after it was acquired by David Geffen. It is also capable of accommodating 18 guests and 55 staff and has a basketball court on it. (Who plays basketball on a yacht😞)

The entertainment mogul has been around the world with this yacht from Caribbean to Italy or Spain. But he never cruises alone, if It not Orlando Bloom it Barrack Obama, but this time it was Jeff bezos, Lloyd blankfein and other celebrities.💷

So who’s gonna be next now? I guess to find out we’ll just have to wait until David Geffen is going for his next cruise.

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