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Ivanka Trump Speaks At CES 2020 Despite Backlash From Social Media

Ivanka Trump who is the daughter and also senior adviser to the president of the untied states Donald Trump was present at the CES event where she answered a couple of questions.

Ivanka Trump Speaks At CES 2020 Despite Backlash From Social Media | CES 2020, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, public speaking, tech

Ivanka Trump speaks at CES 2020

Despite the the ranting on Facebook and Twitter, Ivanka Trump still spoke for about 40 minutes as she was been interviewed at the consumer technology association.

We all would expect some sort of weird and mixed reactions due to the fact that her father Donald Trump has been the center of an impeachment case lately.

But to our greatest surprise nobody actually said anything negative or even booed her, she said that she is “predominately focused on pro-growth policies such as enabling environment for companies to invest in US companies.”

According to ivanka she has great interest about “policies build upon that foundational environment, tax cuts, and de-regulations that provide pathways for Americans to pave great careers in this booming economy.”

She also said something about helping those imprisoned by saying that the administration is working hand-in-hand with NGOs and local prisons to see that prisoners are released soon to learn skills.

Ivanka also made mention of how today jobs does not require a bachelor’s degree but rather your skills, and also encouraged employers to adapt that mentality.

She also said other things concerning the sustainable development of the country and encouraged individuals not to depend on depend on a formal education to be productive.

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