b ivanka a 20190416 870x580 - Ivanka Trump in Africa to "promote women"
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Ivanka Trump in Africa to “promote women”

So guess what? Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, ivanka trump, is in Ethiopia to promote an initiative aimed at increasing women’s participation in the workplace.🙌🙋

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She started off by touring a textile facility run by a female in Addis Ababa. The Women’s Global Development and prosperity (WGDP), was launched in the febuary which fortunately for them also coincides with president Trump proposed cuts to foreign aids.

Reports suggests that the point of the initiative was to help women get well-paying jobs. The daughter of the president went to this Ethiopian clothes manufacturing company, which have been around for more than 16-year.

The end product made here are usually exported to the local and international market. And also the intiative was awarded a whooping $50 million funding.


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In a session with Ms Trump, she said “Fundamentally we believe that investing in women is a smart development policy and it’s smart business. It is also in our security interests because women when they are empowered they foster peace and stability and we have seen this play out time and time again.”

Ivanka has a lot in store for Africa, she is said to be visiting a cocoa farm , and at the same time participate in a meeting on economic opportunities.

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