Iron Dome Large 1 - Iron Dome; The technology isreal uses to crash rockets
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Iron Dome; The technology isreal uses to crash rockets

So since 2011 isreali Defense force have managed to take down a total of 1,700 rockets using the Iron Dome. Rockets fired by goons in Lebron, syria and even the Gaza strip against isreal where all blasted to dust using the Iron Dome technology.

iron dome large 21347268766 - Iron Dome; The technology isreal uses to crash rockets

A single iron Dome battery consists of Tamir interceptors missiles, launchers, and a radar command trailer.

The idea and construction of the Iron Dome began back in 2007 but then it was used as just a means to stop and intercept incoming projectiles.

It was officially deployed as an operational system in march 2011 and just less than two weeks after it deployment it took down it fiest missile.

Other countries saw the effectiveness of the isreali high-tech military weapon and began looking for ways to join the Iron Dome band-wagon.

In 2011 Washington began providing funds which by the end of 2018 totalled a whooping $1.5 billion in exchange for access to the Iron Dome Technology.

Isreal has a total of 10 batteries, and a single battery consist of twenty interceptors, a trailer, four launchers and a single search&fire-control radar.

Here is how the whole Iron dome thing works, first a very sensitive electronically Scanned Array radar is used to detect when a missile is fired or in within it airspace, when an incoming missile is detected. The system runs a quick calculation to determine it destinationm if it likely to hit a place inhabited by people or an unpopulated area. If it headed for a populated area then the Tamir interceptors are fired to do their job. (Kabooom….💣)

The true fire-power of the Iron Dome was seem when Israel’s Defense force launched an attacked against Hamas in the Gaza strip. (I’m pretty sure we all remembered that tragic but epic period)


The militants in Gaza were reported to have shot around 4,600 rockets to isreal. Isreal with no hesitation whatsoever, fired up their six Iron Dome batteries and even added an additional three to make it a total of nine.(oh… it game time yo)

BTW just one-quarter of the 4,600 which is about 1,150 rockets fired by the Gaza militants actually landed near areas populated by Israeli citizens.

Out of that 1,150, the Israeli’s Iron Dome was able to intercept and take down 733 rockets failing to hit only 70.(now that some cool sh*t right there)

iron dome large 133616324 - Iron Dome; The technology isreal uses to crash rockets

But the Iron Dome might have some hindrance like the almighty cruise missile which has some very tricky moves up it sleeves. The cruise missile is capable of flying at very low altitudes, skimming and they even fly at hypersonic speeds which means it gonna be hard for any other flying projectile to hit it.

The Pentagon are working right now to see if they could bring the Iron dome technology to the U.S.

As of right now the Iron Dome is entirely on a league of it own with no other competitor. It just now a matter of time before we see this amazing military technology being implemented around the world.

Here is a short video of the Iron Dome in action doing it thing.

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