Johnston Instagram Stories 1 - Instagram stories hit 500 million active users.

Instagram stories hit 500 million active users.

Instagram stories, the feature that let users share what they are doing with their followers has now hit 500 million active users that roughly half of instagram total users – 1 billion users.

johnston instagram stories 1453410976 - Instagram stories hit 500 million active users.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg during the earnings call stated that the feature continued to grow at a fast pace. The executive also highlighted the Stories format, which got expanded from Instagram to Facebook’s native social networking platform and the Messenger app as well as reached to WhatsApp in the form of Status, is aiming to monetise “at the same levels” as the News Feed.


wsi imageoptim adweek newsfeed 1366563818 - Instagram stories hit 500 million active users.Instagram Stories was launched as an integrated feature on the photo-sharing platform back in 2016. The initial aim of the feature was to enable Instagram users to share multiple shots or videos into a single video that can be shared with followers. This was similar to how people share their memories on Snapchat . However, Facebook of late started using Stories to generate some revenue.

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