Instagram Reels Explore - Instagram Goes After TikTok With It New Reels Feature

Instagram Goes After TikTok With It New Reels Feature

Facebook has been known to use instagram to attract and keep youngsters glued to their mobile devices.

To keep up with this they have to constantly try to meet social media demands and one way they are doing that is by trying to implement some of the features of it greatest competitor, TikTok.

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Instagram is testing a new feature called Reels, which let’s users create a 15-seconds video clip with music and share the videos as Stories. (Typically what TikTok does)

However, Reels could have an upper hand or advantage over TikTok because now you can make use of instagram direct messaging to share your Reels with close friends or Direct message.

They even added a tool called ghost tool which allows users line up shots and set a countdown to help them get their timing right.

Robby Stein, instagram director of product management said that the feature was making it debut in Brazil where users are already familiar with sharing videos that set to music.

They are also working on another feature called Scenes, similar to TikTok which lets users edit their video in the app.

With Scenes users can not only edit but also remix songs and videos into stories. Users can also alter the speed of the videos and add augmented reality (AR) filters.

As we all know, Facebook has been trying to compete with TikTok with their first app called Lasso which was supposed to replace TikTok, but downloading a whole new app when you already have TikTok seemed kinda like a big deal.

But integrating it in an already existing app seems kinda promising. TikTok on the other hand which have been experiencing some great success have recently been called for an assessment by the U.S. government, to check if the app could be a national security risk.

Either way, Reels is gonna be posing as a serious competition to TikTok because instagram already has this massive users base of youngsters.

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