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Indian Ride-Hailing App Ola, Set To Take Uber Out Of Business As It Launches In London

Indian ride-hailing service Ola is taking advantage of it competitor’s misfortune to launch an on-demand cab service in London.

Ola or Ube, Which is it going to be?

Just recently Uber got it license to operate in London revoked after the authorities discovered that most of the drivers who pose as Uber drivers were not actually registered on it platform.

Indian Ride-Hailing App Ola, Set To Take Uber Out Of Business As It Launches In London | cab, London, Ola, ride-hailing service, uber, UK

What makes the whole thing interesting is the fact that both Uber and Ola are backed by the same investor, SoftBank. SoftBank was reported to have invested a massive $8 billion in Uber and an uncertain lower amount in Ola.

London is one of Uber’s biggest market with over 3.5 million users and is also among the top five cities generating massive revenue for the company.

Ola made the announcement a day after Uber’s misfortune and promised that they would compare the pictures on drivers license with the one they upload to the app, unlike their othet competitor.

They also claim that they are gonna make use of a face recognition tech to identify drivers and make sure they ain’t fraud.


The promises doesn’t end there, Ola also said that they are not gonna allow drivers who have previously been banned by London’s transport regulator onto their app.

According to Ola’s head of international, Simon Smith “Today, we are inviting the tens of thousands of private-hire drivers across London to register themselves on the Ola platform, as we prepare to launch in city in the coming weeks.”

He went on to say that “We have built a robust mobility platform for London which is fully compliant with TfL’s high standards. We have had constructive conversations with the authorities, drivers, and local communities in London over the past months, and look forward to contributing towards solving issues in innovative and meaningful ways.”

Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Ola is really gonna take Uber ‘s place to become the number one ride-hailing service in London.

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